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The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is our gathering place to swap tales, exchange rants, discuss plans, dream about future travels. Here you'll find stories from our hard-working editors, staff, contributors, and friends, ranging from brief anecdotes and lengthy journeys to thoughtful essays on life, the world, and of course, travel. Find a space, and let the Flying Carpet take you away.

Editors' Choice
Great in the Sack
Scared Shitless on Safari
Japanese Tattoo
Pike Dreams
Up Your Nose
Busman's Holiday
The Shepherd's Mantra
Secret Bus to Paradise
Doublestar (Why I Write)
Le Coeur dans la Montagne (The Heart in the Mountain)
Citizen Mulenge
Learning to Speak Italian
Where I Am
Cairo Tambourine
Balinese Canoes
I Have Lice
Africa: Where The Fighters Are Hungry
Lard is Good For You
Pancakes and Coffee
The Richest Gift
Paris, When It Drizzles
Wrecks and Pissers
Into The Land of The Stone Age Bootlegger
Disbelief of Wonder
A Note from the Toyota Motel
In the Kitchen with Yuyo
Kitchen Matters
Pack Light
King Kong in Shanghai
The Butt Reading
Doing Good In Far Places
The Summer of the Lost Ham
Fruity Pleasures
Mongolian Rhapsody
Tourism in Trouble: Israel's Model Industry Takes a Direct Hit
In My Father's Footsteps
Which Way is North?
Tom Miller's Thoughts on Africa
Pretty in Pink
In the Shadow of the Mount Fuji
My Journey with Anna Maria
The View from the Roof
The Sound of Silence
Normandy 2001
Shedding Masks
Death by Toasting in Beijing
The Protest of Señor Sapo
A Double Surprise
Helping Italians in Thailand

Henry Ronin
Shot in the Dark

James O'Reilly
Introduction to Thailand
I Was a Teenage Yogi
The Sum of All Freedoms
Introduction to France
Introduction to Ireland
Introduction to India
An LA Kind of Weekend
Road Scholars
Introduction to August 2002 Newsletter

James O'Reilly and Larry Habegger
Merle Haggard and the Ambassador

James's Corner
A Time of Gifts
The Treasure House of the Human Race
Panamanian Orchids
Books to Live By
Why the World
I Know What I Did Last Summer

Jennifer L. Leo
Chinese Like Me
The Beauties of Brisbane
Great Expectations
Peaceful Po Lin
Sand in My Bra Tour Info and Dates

Joel Widzer
Taking a Cue from Warren Buffet

Larry Habegger
Heading for Home
A Wild Ride in Arnhem Land
Bush Tucker
Sail Away
Treading Water
The Art of Lincoln Park
Returning to a Changed World
Christmas Carols in Adelaide
The Horns of Kaziranga
A Skier's Nirvana
Tao of the Racetrack
Mockingbird Summer
Going to Hana

Larry's Corner
Motionsickness—a new travel magazine
Writer's Block
The Importance of Stories in Travel Preparation
A Pretender in One of Europe's Finest Hotels
Writing About Travel
Crab Season in Northern California
Swiss Family Habegger: A Tale of Mountains and Roots
Jan Morris Interview
Thoughts on the World, Pico Iyer, and Iraq
The Personal Travel Story:
Art, Craft, Inspiration

A Home in the Himalaya
First Flight
Thoughts on September 11th
Sri Lanka Reflections
Some Thoughts on Travel Writing
The Curse of Monolingualism
Swiss Family Habegger: More Adventures on Swiss Trains
The Elephant in the Room
A Thought On Editing: Cut 50%
Sail Away:
They donít scuttle ships anymore, do they?

Travel Safety
A Holy Meal
Larry at the Writers Center of Marin
Swiss Family Habegger: At the "Top of Europe"
Swiss Family Habegger: Luzern and Mount Pilatus
A Tale of Two Parks

More Sample Chapters from the TT Series
If You Meet the Buddha on the Road
Bola's Gift
The Best View of Istanbul

Natanya Pearlman
A Garífuna Awakening

Opinions and Comments from the Editors
"Backpack Nation" with Brad Newsham
TT Books in the Classroom
Travel: Risk, Reward, and September 11
Travelers' Tales Gets A Visitor
Thinking About Our World
Top Selling 2003 Titles
Top Selling 2003 Titles

Rajendra S. Khadka
Dude, Where's My Topi?
In Buddha's Backyard
Italians in Nadeeeer
Natives In Touristland: Pokhra Portraits
Food for Thought

Reader Feedback
Response to "The Importance of Stories in Travel Preparation"

Richard Goodman
Homage to Village in the Vaucluse
Provence: An Introduction

Sean O'Reilly
St. Peter's Black Box
Glide and the Family Church
Lady of the Avenues
How Can This Be Israel?
The Snowboarder
Let's Pull the Plug on Group Mind
The Sweet Smell of Success
Athena in Nashville
Gateway to Somewhere Else: The Arch of St. Louis and the King's Basilica

Susan Brady
An Oriental Dream Comes True: Susan's Excellent Thai Cooking Adventure
Snookered in Asia
Supine Shopping
Pampered on Phuket
Paradise Lost
Among the Giants
A Taste of the Night

Tara Austen Weaver
The Ring of Kerry
Shikoku Pilgrimage
Journeys with the Moon
Cycling the Beara Peninsula

Tim Cahill
An Introduction to Trader Horn

Tim O'Reilly
Illumined in Sainte-Chapelle
Walking the Kerry Way

World Wizard
The Cliffs of Moher are in which country or state?
The latitude of the Big Island of Hawaii is closest to that of one of the following Indian cities:
The region at the mouth of France's Rhone River is called:
In which of the following border regions do some of the inhabitants wish to form the new country of
The Gatun Locks are part of this waterway:
What is the third highest mountain in the world?
What was the last name of the real-life character Anna in The King and I?
What Greek island did the mythological creature the minotaur live on?
What Welsh writer scooped the story of the successful first ascent of Mt. Everest in 1953?
What is the name of the Paris cemetery where Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are buried?
Which of the following countries has 95,000 miles of coastline?
The tallest mountain in North America is located where?
Mont Blanc rises near the borders of what three countries?
What are the names of the Aleutian islands which form the closest points between Alaska and Russia?
The Palio is the name of a wild summer horse race in which Tuscan town?
What is the name of the Dalai Lamaís home in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet?
Guatemala City is at roughly the same latitude as which major Asian city?
Which huge African lake is surrounded by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania?
France is roughly the same size as what country?
Blarney Castle is located in this part of Ireland
Mumbai is the official name for this Indian city:
In which European city did James Joyce finish Dubliners?
The stepping-stone islands between Japan and Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula are called?
Mission Dolores, one of the northernmost missions established by Franciscan missionaries in early Ca
On which Greek Island did St. John write the Book of Revelations?
Which region of Russia borders Poland, the Baltic Sea, and Lithuania?
Burma (Myanmar), Bangladesh, and India are bordered by which bay?
Mt. Vesuvius, an active volcano, is near what major city?
A shell is the symbol for pilgrimage to which major holy site?
The Equator passes through only one Asian country. Which is it?
What was the first movie ever provided in-flight?
The world's largest religious gathering takes place in what country?
Which of the following is Europe's most populous city?

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